May 4th, 2011


Custom Made

When we first got together at Norweson 4+ years ago Amber had recently fallen and scrapped her hands. She had bandages on them during the con. As we wonder the halls excited talking with each other about everything we could, I eventually asked about the bandages. She told me the story of her tripping as she got off a bus. I explained that a story like that just wouldn’t do, that she was so impressive that she should have some kind of amazing story for everything in her life. We remade the story of how her hands were injured in a desperate fight to the death with Abrasive Man.  

In the middle dismantling most of my life and starting a new job the only thing on my mind was my new love. We fit together in so many ways, we understood some much and so easily shared everything, I wanted to give her something that would last forever, something that not only said how existed I was but showed it. I made a treasure hunt Larp. Amber played her role we created at the con, LadyLuck, I took up the roll of Pockets (The guy with whatever was needed in his pockets). I also created an email address to send mission order and dropped off packet of information at her house. Abrasive Man was back and looking for revenge. The game was on.

We went to the park, we walked the neighborhood, Amber found clues and we were questioned by security guards that almost got more of a show than they bargained for. It was a great night. But the mystery of Abrasive Man and how to final destroy him was unsolved.

A few months later as Amber was moving we discovered a tin box full of sandpaper and a strange metal device. Taking up our alter egos we soon discovered this was the phylactery of Abrasive Man, destroying the papers we finally beat this villain.

Every once in a while when we are going out and I carry Amber keys and wallet she still calls me Pockets. Most amazing woman I have ever met.