August 12th, 2011


The Fatherening

Mason’s birthday was this last Wednesday, I took the day off of work so he and I could spend the day together. Our day was crazy busy but so much fun, here is a list of the big activities.

Shopping at Toys ‘s’ us: Mason got to pick out his own present. He got a remote control car.

Went to the park: We wanted to run the new remote control car but it takes an hour to charge so we played at the play ground for a while. Mason made a single serving friend and they played tag.

Played with Remote Controlled Car: After playing at the play ground we played with the remote controlled car. It was a lot of fun, so very fast.

Red Robin: We headed to Red Robin to get some lunch, Mason told pretty much everyone we came across that today was his birthday and he would like it if they sang to him. It was quite adorable and made me proud to see him display social skills to get something he found valuable.

Remote control car fail: We went back to the park to do some more remote control car playing but it only worked for a couple of moments. Checked directions to make sure we did everything right and set it to charge again.

Mini Golf: We went back to the miniature golf course and finished the last course we had not tried yet. Great fun. I think when I pick him up this weekend we might go back, it is not far from his mom’s house.

Remote control car fail: Still not working we returned to Toys ‘r’ us where they were kind enough to replace the busted car. We then went to Mason’s house and played Super Mario Brothers while we waited for the car to charge, which it did and it was good.

Baseball Banquet: Gathering Mason’s mom and her man we went to Mason’s baseball banquet. Everyone got a trophy and they sang happy birthday to Mason. During the banquet I noted that several of the kids came to Mason and asked if he wanted to hang out with them, he declined several before he decided something he wanted to do and they all followed.

Messy Games: After the baseball banquet we headed to the park again for messy games, a cub scouts event. The kids got to dip pudding on each other, have a marshmallow fight with syrup on the marshmallows and other such crazyness. Afterwards again they are sang happy birthday to Mason. After seeing Mason being “popular” at the banquet I was watching for it at cub scouts, he was not as popular, mostly because of the larger age difference I think, he can’t compete with the early teens but he was well behaved and helpful to the den leaders. I recognize one of the benefits of being a child with divorced parents, he is learning to adapt his behavior to the circumstances to find social engagement.

After all of that I took them all home, gave Mason a hug good bye and wished him a happy birthday one more time. I will get to see him again this weekend, I am quite excited.