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The Fatherening Summary

It has been several years now that Mason and I have been spending a week together in the summer and this has been the most successful trip so far. In the past Mason and I have both been ready for him to go home several days before the end of the vacation. Setting up activities in a such a way that we got time away from each other and that we had things to do the entire vacation instead of all at the beginning I did a better job of managing our time and energy. I hope that next year I will do an even better job.

This last week I realized that being a good part-time parent is not being a full-time parent only some of the time. There are different challenges in being a part-time parent that can’t be solved in a full-time parent style. The first and most on my mind is that Mason will never have good friends at my house, he is not there often enough to build those relationships. This means that I will always have to be his friend when he comes to visit. So I will have to do the things that a 7 year old will enjoy doing, but I need understand my attention and energy levels and have him take part in the things that I would enjoy as well and above both of those is find activities that will suit both of us.

This journal has been really helpful in growing and understanding a few things about myself. I hope some of you have enjoyed reading it as well, if you have please tell me something you have enjoyed doing with your father or as a father in the comments.

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